Certificazione FITOK e ISPM 15SISO uses top quality wood from european forests, heat-treated at high temperatures (HT), respecting the phitosanitary parameters of IPCC, which created the international agreement ISPM 15, to tutelate the environment and to whom a lot of Countries have joined. These Countries want to tutelate their territory from the risk of harmful organisms spreading, that can damage the forest heritage. Thanks to the constant commitment to the safeguarding of the environment SISO has obtained the authorization to the use of the certification FITOK and ISPM 15, because we deeply respond to the severe inspections tasks of the guarantor which supervises business certifications.

This is a service that SISO offers to every client that uses SISO items to safely export their products to foreign Countries, so avoinding the blocks at the destinations customs. Moreover this service is coherent with SISO ethic of production, attentive from the beginning to environmental issues.